What fall pool projects are you completing this year? Each season presents a unique opportunity to rejuvenate and enhance your home, and the area surrounding your inground pool is no exception. While the pool may be the main attraction during the summer months, fall provides a prime window to undertake upgrades, ensuring that by the time the summer is back, your poolside haven is nothing short of a paradise.

Fall Pool Projects for your Vancouver inground swimming pool


The right landscaping can transform your pool area from a mere water feature to an oasis. Consider introducing plants that can withstand the conditions of a poolside environment, like those resilient to chlorine or saltwater splashes. Opt for perennial plants that bloom in summer and come back year after year, ensuring your poolside remains vibrant throughout the peak season. Additionally, consider creating strategic green barriers with shrubbery for privacy.

Poolside Pergola or Shade Structure:

The relentless summer sun can sometimes be a tad overwhelming. A pergola or shade structure not only offers a respite from the sun but also adds an architectural element to your poolside. Whether you select a wooden pergola intertwined with climbing vines or a modern shade structure with adjustable shutters, this feature is sure to elevate the functionality and beauty of your pool area.

Water Features:

While your pool is a water feature in itself, introducing additional elements like cascading waterfalls, bubbling fountains or sleek deck jets can make a world of difference. These features not only enhance the auditory experience with the tranquil sound of flowing water but also contribute to the visual appeal. For a deeper dive into custom water features, explore a few of our favourites here.


Imagine the enchantment of a late-night swim with ambient lighting or the twinkle of underwater LEDs. Upgrading your poolside lighting can dramatically transform your evening pool experience. From path lights that guide the way to the pool to mood-enhancing coloured underwater lights, the possibilities are endless. Good lighting not only ensures safety during nighttime dips but also creates a magical ambiance.

Replace Decking or Tiles:

Over time, pool decking or tiles will show signs of wear and tear. Fall is the perfect time to replace or upgrade these elements. Opt for slip-resistant tiles or consider modern decking materials that are durable and visually appealing. An upgraded deck or fresh tiles can breathe new life into your pool area, ensuring it remains as inviting as the water itself.

While the pool remains a focal point, the surrounding elements play a crucial role in defining the overall experience. Undertaking these upgrades during the fall ensures that as summer returns, your poolside is not only ready but also more enticing than ever.

Get Started with Trasolini:

Ready to transform your poolside into a picture-perfect paradise? Whether you are looking to add your very own inground custom-built pool to your backyard, or just looking to upgrade your existing pool with new water features or a decking and tile replacement, the expert pool builders at Trasolini Pools are here to bring your visions to life. For more inspiration on enhancing your poolside, take a look at these 6 tips to help spruce up the area around your inground hot tub. To embark on your poolside enhancement journey, contact us today for a detailed consultation.