Why go anywhere this summer when you have a pool in your backyard? Warmer days are here, which means it is the perfect time for a family pool party. Here are a few tips on the best pool accessories, decorations and snacks to liven up your summer.


The decor is the sprinkles on the cake of any pool party. They shape the atmosphere, so choose the pool accessories that fit your style! Here are a few fun suggestions:



Try hanging paper lanterns from trees, roof overhangs and gazebos or pergolas. Smaller lanterns can also be used for tables and string lanterns can be strung throughout the entire backyard.


Tiki Torches

Tiki torches give the ultimate tropical summer vibe. Install these around your seating area, at a safe distance, so no one gets burned. They will create a warm atmosphere — perfect for nighttime parties.



There is no pool party without inflatables! They are fun, relaxing and come in a variety of styles for both children and adults. Choose a chair lounger, flamingo or oversized doughnut. Have a few of each style on hand so your guests can choose their favourite type!



Balloons are a fun and easy way to amp up the decor! Hang some in your seating area or let them float in the pool.


Table Settings

Get creative with your table settings! Are you going for a beach theme? Decorate with mini palm trees, plants and seashell decorations. 

If you are having a party after dark, bring out some candles or decorate the table with glow sticks!


Fire Pit 

Warm yourselves up after a nighttime swim with a fire pit. You and your family can sit around, play games and even roast marshmallows. It will make you feel like you are on a camping trip in the middle of your backyard. 



The theme is the backbone of your party – it dictates decor, food, drinks, music and even costumes! Here are some ideas to get you started.


Kid-Friendly Themes

Two popular themes for kids are mermaids and pirates! One great way of incorporating these themes is through food. Instead of serving regular cookies, use frosting to create a mermaid’s tail or pirate’s hat. You can also buy napkins, balloons and inflatables that relate to your theme and let your kids choose the toys they want to display. 


Tropical Beach Theme 

Tiki torches, palm trees and coconuts — these all contribute to creating the best backyard tropical vacation. Serve some fun tropical dishes, like one of these 16 Hawaiian side dishes


Under the Sea

Bring the ocean to your pool party! This theme is fun for both kids and adults. Serve some seafood, buy inflatables shaped like sea creatures and decorate your backyard with all things sea-related. 



Some easy options for foods include any types of finger foods. You can keep a balance of healthy options and treats as well. Try serving a platter of fruit alongside sliders and shrimp tacos. Ice cream and popsicles are also great options for a hot summer’s day. 




Movie Screen

Turn your pool into an outdoor movie party with an inflatable movie screen. Float on your inflatables, put on your favourite film and munch on popcorn for the perfect family night. 



One of the most fun games to play in the pool is volleyball. There are many volleyball nets you can choose from, take a look here and pick your favourite one. For more ideas, check out these 4 fun pool games you can try this summer. 



Every party must have music! With a wireless floating pool speaker, you can listen to your favourite songs any time you are by the pool. Choose your favourite speaker and play your go-to summer playlist!  


Essential pool party safety tips

Pool parties are more fun when you are staying safe. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Always have at least one sober adult watching the kids 
  • Have a first-aid kit nearby 
  • Keep extra sunscreen on hand 
  • For support in the pool, use floatation devices labelled “Department of Transport Canada Approved” or “Canadian Coast Guard, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Approved.”
  • If you are consuming alcohol, be sure to enjoy it away from and out of the pool and hot tub.
  • Never swim while intoxicated

Even though you may be staying close to home this summer, you can still have the ultimate summer pool party. With the right themes, food and pool accessories, you are sure to have an enjoyable time. You can even customize the design of your pool even further to ensure you have your ideal atmosphere.