During the winter months, you may have a harder time convincing your kids to spend more time outside.

Outdoor hot tubs are a great way to solve this problem and they’re also a great place for some family bonding! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite family hot tub games that you can play with your kids this winter.

Hot tub hockey

All you need for this family hot tub game is a floating object, such as a rubber duck or ping pong ball. Divide yourselves into two teams and sit on opposite sides of the hot tub. The goal of the game is to try to get the object to touch the opposing team’s wall without touching the object (use your breathe or waves, get creative!). The first team to score three points wins.

Musical jets

This hot tub twist on the classic musical chairs game replaces the chairs with jets. Have one person be in charge of stopping and starting with music while everyone else must move clockwise around the tub. As the game progresses, slowly turn off the jets in your tub so that there are fewer and fewer seats with jets. When the music stops, anyone seated in a seat without jets is out and the last person standing wins!


Place five ping pong balls in the hot tub and everyone must avoid being touched by one. The only rule is that you must keep your feet on the bottom of the tub. Once you’ve been touched you must hop out of the tub and add in another ping pong ball. Last person standing wins!


For this family hot tub game you will need two cups. Place one cup in the middle of the hot tub. Use the other cup to take turns pouring water into the middle cup. The object of this game is to not sink the middle cup. You can pour as much or as little as you want, so get your strategy ready!

Waterproof cards

Play any card game you want from the comfort of your hot tub with a deck of waterproof cards. You can use an upside-down frisbee as a floating playing area if needed. You can easily find waterproof cards on Amazon.

Floating board games

Invest in a floating version of your family’s favourite board game.

These family hot tub games are also perfect for using during hot tub parties, so have fun this winter!