Another summer has come and gone, but that does not mean your pool time is over. You can always continue to use your pool as long as the weather holds. If you plan to do this, however, it is important to take care of these fall pool maintenance tasks…

8 must-do fall pool maintenance tasks


1. Clean the water of debris

With fall comes the falling leaves – and the added pool debris. It is important to check your pool at least once a day, skimming the leaves out of the water. If you do not want to do this, consider purchasing a cover to protect against debris.

2. Check the pool cover

If you have a pool cover, you do need to check that it is also clean and free of debris. Should you see dirt or grime on the cover, you should give it a good scrub. Also, make sure to check for cracks or other damage. Review your locking mechanism to ensure it is still in working order.

3. Clean the filter

With the additional fall debris, your pool’s filter is likely to quickly get clogged. Make sure to check the filters each time you skim the water. If you stay on top of clearing the water of debris and using your pool cover, you can minimize the number of times you need to clean your filter.

4. Trim trees and hedges

If you are facing consistent issues with leaves falling into the water, check to see if there are any close-by trees and hedges that could be trimmed back. This should help minimize the amount of skimming and cleaning you need to do. Should you need to have large trees or trees directly over the water trimmed, always call in a professional.

5. Adjust temperature levels

With the weather getting colder, it is important to adjust the temperature of your pool accordingly. Be aware that this will be a larger draw on resources. We suggest factoring this expense into your decision about when is the right time to close your pool for the year.

6. Check water levels

Increasing the temperature of your pool will cause the water to evaporate faster. Given this, it is important to check your water levels as a regular part of your fall pool maintenance. If you notice your water levels falling, refill to the necessary level. Of course, as with anytime you add water, you should re-check your chemical levels.

7. Have a professional servicing

It is vital to have your pool regularly serviced. We suggest having this servicing done in the fall so your pool is ready to go at the start of the next spring and summer season. If you agree, you should book an appointment as soon as possible as this is a busy time of year for all professional Vancouver pool companies.

8. Have any damage or wear repaired

Along with having regular servicing done, you may want to have any damage or wear repaired as part of your fall pool maintenance. Again, this will ensure your pool is ready to go as soon as you want to open it next year. In addition, taking care of maintenance now will prevent any issues from advancing over the winter months.

Staying on top of your fall pool maintenance will help you extend your water time for the year. Once you are ready to close your pool, though, make sure to follow this checklist.