Taking a few minutes each week to keep your pool in top shape goes a long way toward preserving your pool as an asset and investment for years to come. A clean pool looks better and you’ll be more likely to want to enjoy it throughout the summer.

As Vancouver’s premier pool builder, we are committed to helping you keep your Trasolini Pool in its best shape.

Use these quick cleaning tips each week to keep your pool at its best.

You can get all our essential pool care information from our Owner’s Manual.


Test your pool’s chemistry (pH)

The first step is to test the pH of your pool water. Use your test kit, which comes with instructions on how to determine the chemical balance of the water. Add chemicals if necessary, to get the chemistry right.

Correct pool chemistry prevents scaling, etching and staining of your pool’s surfaces. It will also prevent the growth of algae, which is expensive to clean.


Filter backwash

Backwash your filter to clean it out and keep it functioning properly. There are detailed instructions here on Page 4 on how to do it.


Vacuum the pool

Vacuuming your pool will remove any dirt that has settled or clung to its surfaces, to protect the finish and prevent staining and other damage. We recommend you brush your pool’s interior before vacuuming as well, to ensure all dirt is removed.

After vacuuming, open the main drain line in your mechanical room to drain the hose.


Clean the strainer pot

Lastly, clean the strainer pot to remove any larger items that have collected there, especially after heavy winds or rain.


Check for rust, dirt, peeling or chipping, or damaged equipment

Before finishing your weekly pool cleaning, have a close look at your pool and the pool deck. Check for rusted parts, such as ladders or railings. Look at the finish to notice peeling, chipping or stains. Also, look over your pool equipment to inspect for damage. Being proactive with your pool and equipment can save you from costly repairs down the road.

If you are concerned about damage to your pool, call us at 604-255-8551. Our pool experts provide maintenance and repairs anywhere in BC.


Put equipment and accessories away properly

Your final step is to properly store your pool equipment and accessories. Doing so prevents damage and keeps these items working properly, with a longer life span.

Avoid stepping on the vacuum hose or dragging it over concrete or uneven surfaces. After vacuuming, drain the hose, roll it up and store it out of the sun.

Telescopic poles should be stored on hooks to avoid being stepped on or tripped over.

Best practice is to store all pool equipment indoors, in a dry place away from sunlight.


Choose a day of the week that’s dedicated for pool cleaning – schedule about 20 minutes in to your Saturday or Sunday morning every week to make a habit of ensuring your pool will always be in its best condition and preserve your investment.

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