It can be difficult to tell when your inground swimming pool is leaking. Due to this, it can take extended periods for inground pool owners to realize they have a leak, especially if the leak is small.

But, if such a leak is not resolved before the winter months, it can become a major issue.

These tools will help you know if your pool is leaking, even though it may be difficult to tell at a glance.

The best ways to detect leaks in your inground swimming pool

There are a few simple steps to detect leaks in your inground swimming pool:

1. Keep an eye on the water

If you have had your pool for a while, you know the general water level and how evaporation affects the water level. Should you notice the water level change noticeably, that could be a sign that something is wrong with your inground swimming pool.   

2. Do the bucket test

The simplest home check for leaks is the bucket test. Take a bucket and fill it about ¾ full of pool water. Place the bucket on the pool steps, making sure that the top is out of the water. Make sure that the water line in the bucket matches the waterline in the pool. Once 24 hours has passed, compare the waterline in the bucket with that in the pool. If both have decreased by the same amount, that is evaporation. If, however, the waterline in the pool is significantly lower, that tells you that water is escaping – and you have a leak.   

3. Call in a professional Vancouver pool company

While the bucket test can indicate an issue, you should confirm your leak – and learn where it is – by calling in a professional Vancouver pool company. A team will be sent out with x-ray or ultraviolet technology. They will scan your pool, identifying the leak and its size. From there, a professional pool company will be able to advise you about how to handle the situation.

Why you should never leave a leak in your inground swimming pool over winter

It may be tempting to leave any leaks in your inground swimming pool over the winter months, taking care of them in the spring. This could be disastrous for your pool, though, as leaks can quickly expand into major damage. Then, instead of paying for a small fix, you may find yourself in midst of a costly repair.