Your home is your happy place, which means relaxation should take major priority. Elevate your home’s atmosphere; make your customized indoor spa your favourite place to unwind. Soak up complete privacy and avoid the weather conditions that may affect your outdoor spa atmosphere. If you’ve been visualizing adding a spa to your home for a while, what are the first steps?  

Home is where your indoor spa is

The design of your dream spa room is completely up to you. No matter your design inspiration, the ambience you are seeking comes down to planning. There any many things to consider when planning an indoor spa:

1. Design

The ambience of your indoor spa needs to be customized to your personal taste. Certain design elements will play a big part in transforming this space.  Will you choose tile, marble or wood flooring? What colour will your hot tub be? How about the walls? Adding jets to your hot tub or a sound system can help set the mood! Consider final design touches of your hot tub; installation of cabinets and shelving that for towels and more. Your indoor spa should have everything within arms reach so you can get to relaxing.

2. View

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Photo credit: The Scarlet Hotel

Take into consideration where the location of your indoor spa before anything else. The best part about relaxing is where you’re relaxing – a beautiful view can make the space much more appealing. (Tip: make sure you’re not completing your project near something being developed later on. No one wants a view of a brand new brick wall!)

3. Maintenance 

create indoor spa - vancouver pool company - trasolini pools

Photo credit: Saviano Builders

Your indoor spa should be a stress-free zone with minimal upkeep; you can uphold that element by making sure that the space is suitable for your spa plans.

Since hot tubs are kept at a warmer temperature than swimming pools, you can expect much more evaporation (jets and bubbles will cause this, too). Ensure that the room has proper ventilation so moisture can escape, in order to avoid mould and mildew and maintain excellent air quality.

The walls of your indoor spa need to be well-insulated; consider double-glazing your windows to maintain the desired temperature.

Last but not least – drainage. Since water will inevitably splash from your hot tub, you will need a floor drain! Hard-surfaced materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile, Travertine or marble will allow water and condensation to properly drain, in order to avoid sitting water which can cause damage to your home.

4. Mood 

create indoor spa - vancouver pool company - trasolini pools

Lighting, plants and decor are the best ways to create a relaxing mood for your indoor spa.

Natural light will help bring the outdoors in. Consider large windows and skylights, rather than artificial light, to illuminate your spa room.

Indoor plants help improve the air quality within the space and add natural serenity as you soak in your spa – the decorative final touches are up to you.

Step into your new favourite oasis with a well-planned indoor spa

If you’ve soaked up these four steps and are manifesting your dream indoor spa, feel free to contact us. Together we can make your at-home atmosphere somewhere to relax and detoxify your body.