Construction Outline

A detailed explanation about the construction process, payment, timeline, etc.
Workable Working Days
A standard/normal swimming pool requires approximately 90 workable days after the completion of excavation. You will notice as the pool is being built that work progresses in stages. It is excavated, formed, steeled, plumbed and gunited as one overall phase. On some occasions this work stretches out because of delays of inspections, poor weather, crew scheduling, etc. Work cannot be done on days when weather is unfavourable. Work such as pouring concrete, setting tile, plastering all can be ruined from a regular afternoon rain shower. Please note that our site crews have no idea of work schedules. Should you have any question on scheduling. please contact the office. It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes in the construction of your pool. Many people are directly or indirectly involved in a minimum of 10 skilled phases, from excavation through startup.
Plans and Permits
The site plan of your pool and yard has been drawn by our draftsman and forwarded along with engineered structural drawings to the Building Department of your municipality for plan check and permits. The time required for issuance of these permits varies depending on number of applications already in the Building Department for processing. Permits can take up to 6 months, depending on the city.
Contract and Addendums
Any changes you make from the original contract, estimate and specifications must be made through our office. These changes are called addendums and actually amend your original pool contract. Should you wish to make changes or want additional work done, you will have to approve and sign a work order at an agreed change to contract price. We certainly understand that changes are normal and have to be made at times, but changes that create excess cost due to delivering an item, pick-up, re-delivery or redoing work already done naturally results in additional expense and adds to the total cost of your pool project, plus delaying the progress of the job.

The pool site should be cleared of trees, shrubs, existing deck work and other above ground obstructions. Any trees, shrubs or other plantings to be saved should be removed, cared for and replanted by the customer. Excavation and fill removal is the messiest stage of construction and quite often creates panic for the inexperienced customer. The cure is “patience”, the site cleans up shortly after the excavation process. It should be understood that if you are on excavation allowance specified in your contract and additional excavation is required, either from your request or from unusual ground conditions, the costs could dramatically increase. Day by day progress reports can be provided upon your request. Normal excavation and fill removal time for the average pool is approximately 1-2 days. Any additional excavation and fill removal cost will be billed accordingly as per contract.

Should the customer desire the remainder of some fill from the excavation, we would be pleased to do so, however please be sure of the exact amount you want as we will not be responsible for removing it at a later date or supplying extra fill. The reason for this is the high cost of handling the material.

Our excavating crew will form and layout the pool as per sketch either provided by the customer or drawn up by us and approved by the customer prior to starting. If any changes are desired you must advise the office immediately.

The following are some points for understanding during the layout stage.

  1. The form plank around the pools perimeter is 12″ outside the water line and 2″ – 4″ below the finished grade. “Finished grade” is the surface of the rear edge just 2″ – 4″ above the perimeter form plank. Keep in mind that pool decks or walks should slope away from the pool at a minimum of 1/4″ per foot for proper drainage of the area.
  2. It is important that after the forms for the pool have been set, they must remain undisturbed. The slightest change will result in an inaccurate level for your pool. Do not allow anyone to walk on the forms or handle them in any way.
  3. Children and pets must stay away from this construction area as there is danger they will get hurt.
Plumbing Placement
This next phase you will see our plumbers install the pool plumbing system. The plumbing is installed as per the contract and engineered drawings. A highway of Sch.40 PVC piping is installed to your equipment area and stubbed out so that the equipment slab can be poured. If the in-floor cleaning system is included in your contract you will notice a number of pipes protruding from the bottom of the pool.
Steel Placement
Steel is installed as per the engineered structural drawings. Extra steel is used at various points of high stress which is a highlight of your Trasolini Pool. The steel process takes from 1 to 2 days depending on the size and complexity of your pool.
Inspectors will be out after plumbing, layout and steel work has been completed to check that our work conforms to municipal and building codes. You will notice an inspection card posted in a conspicuous place on your property, generally somewhere near the pool equipment, on the fence or the side of the house. Under no circumstances should this card be removed.
When the inspectors have given final approval, the gunite is then scheduled. The gunite crew will arrive and set up their machine. They will take precautions to protect the area surrounding the pool so that your shrubs, trees and appurtenances will receive maximum protection. The crew then starts the gunite machine and begins to gun the concrete into the pool. Please keep your windows and doors closed while the machine is in operation due to the dust that is created. Please keep children and pets away from the equipment to avoid injury. If there are day sleepers in the home or people that are irritated bu excessive noise, this might be a good day to be away from the home as the gunite machine makes a considerable amount of noise and there is no way to avoid it.

Upon completion of the gunite process the pool will be left to cure for a minimum of one (1) week. In very hot/dry conditions, the customer should lightly sprinkle the curing concrete. Do not worry about the pool filling with water as the pool is open to ground and will vary with the water table and rains. Water is removed by our crew preparing for the next stage.

Progress Payment
At this stage, the First payment is due. An invoice will be delivered by accounts receivable. Payments play an important part in the scheduling process of your pool. It is imperative therefore, that we adhere to a firm policy of being paid for the work as outlined in your contract. You prompt payments will enable us to expedite the construction of your pool.
A wood form is installed for an edge that hangs approximately 1.5″ over the pool to eliminate “splash back” or pool water from splashing out of the pool. This form must remain undisturbed as the slightest change will result in inaccurate coping level. Please do not allow anyone to walk on forming. Concrete is poured into the form, then the deck is poured and then the form is removed. This usually takes two (2) days.
At this stage conduits are placed for wiring to underwater light and filter equipment, all switch boxes are set and all metal objects within 5′ of the pool are electrically bonded for safety. Electrical inspection is made at this time. Please do not switch the pool light on before pool is filled. The pool light is constructed to operate submersed in water only. If turned on while the pool is empty, the resulting heat will burn out the light within minutes.
Perimeter of pool is backfilled with granular fill, formed for deck, rebarred and deck concrete poured depending on deck finishes desired. This process usually takes three (3) days.
A full selection of tiles is provided to the customer for selection at this time. After selection is made our tile setters install the tile, usually an approximate 8″ band around the waterline of the pool. This installation usually takes two (2) days.
Progress Payment
At this stage the second progress payment is due.
Gas line
Line is run from meter to equipment area, this is left under pressure for checking by the gas inspector. If the gas line must be placed underneath the decking, the gas line inspection must be made prior to the deck being poured.
Landscaping and fencing

Landscaping and fencing may not be in our original contract, however, whoever does your work should understand that fences are required to be a minimum of 42″ high with self closing gates and latches out of reach of children as required by law in most areas. Fencing and Landscaping must be in place prior to plastering the pool.

Area drainage should be installed keeping in mind that a minimum ground slope of 1/2″ per foot is required for 25′ or to a positive water course. Uphill slopes should be drained with rock filled trenches covering perforated pipe. The next stage is plastering but before plastering it is important that all projects which create dust, dirt, muss or smoke (such as raking, burning, gardening, etc.) be completed. Through it all, protect the coping and decking as it stains easily, and also keep debris out of the pool.

The sparkling clarity of a fine quality pool depends heavily upon keeping the plaster clean through the crucial curing period. Prevent sweeping, burning or yard work in the area until your pool is full of water. This usually takes between 1-3 days. Dirt and dust cause stains on plaster for which Trasolini Pools  Ltd. cannot be responsible. On plaster day, when the plaster is completed and if the day is warm the crew will set the hose and turn on water prior to leaving that day. If the day is cool, they will set the hose and instruct you when to turn it on. Once the filling has begun, never turn off the water until it has risen to the middle of the tile row. This is to prevent forming of a ring (like bathtub ring) which would be extremely difficult to remove.
When the pool is full of water our service man will start-up the pool. The service man will put the filter into operation and initially treat your pool water with chemicals. NOTE: If the electrical work is not part of our contract please be sure that final electrical hookup is complete so that we may operate the filtering system. Uncirculated pool water for extended periods of time may cause plaster staining. The pool must be brushed once a day for a period of one month. Personal instructions will be provided to you on your pool, pool equipment, pool maintenance and water chemistry. Pool Maintenance Contract can be arranged if so desired.

Our cleanup crew will remove all our construction debris and leave your yard and access area as clean as it was before we started. We do not do finish grading, planting or seeding, etc. If any fencing was removed to effect access, it will be replaced by us only if included in contract.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you agian for selecting Trasolini Pools Ltd. to construct your swimming pool. Should you desire any additional information, please call, we are at your service.