Hot tub water gets a lot of attention. People tell all kinds of folk tales about health issues related to hot tub water.

In reality, however, you do not need to be paranoid about your hot tub water. You just have to stay on top of maintenance and know when to call in a professional pool company.

In order to know when you need professional help, it is vital to understand common hot tub water issues – and the underlying problems they indicate.

Common hot tub water issues


1. Excessive foam

A small amount of foam is normal, but if your hot tub looks like a bubble bath, then there is an issue. Excessive foam can arise for several reasons. It is possible that the foam comes products on swimmers, such as makeup or body lotion. If this is the case, the issue can be resolved with a scum digester.

Foam can also occur when your hot tub water is not properly balanced. Check the pH levels and make sure the calcium levels are high enough.

Still not sure why your hot tub has excessive foam? That indicates it is time to call in a professional pool company to diagnose and remedy the underlying problem.

2. Green water

Green water is a dreaded issue as it has been associated with not cleaning your hot tub enough. It is true that green water can be due to algae growth.

More often, however, green water is due to metals in the water, such as copper or iron. In order to see if this is the problem, test your hot tub water. If the problem is metal in the water, there are products like Metal Free that can help resolve the issue.

The final reasons for green water are low sanitizer or pH levels. If this is the problem you are facing, make sure that you rebalance your water. Then, commit to testing the water frequently and keeping it properly balanced.

3. Cold water

Sometimes, hot tub water does not heat properly. This can make your hot tub less comfortable and can radically increase your energy costs. The challenge is that improper heating can point to a variety of problems – some of which are serious. Therefore, if you discover this issue, the best thing you can do is call in a professional pool company. Make sure you tell the company the issue you are facing so they know to send someone out as soon as possible.

4. Milky or cloudy water

Milky or cloudy water is another issue that can arise from swimmers. Everything from moisturizer to hair products can make hot tub water cloudy or milky. If this is that case, then you want to treat it with the scum digester. Also, make sure you are draining and replacing your water every three months.

Milky or cloudy water can also indicate filter problems. If your filters are clogged or dirty, then the filter cannot work properly, leading to a cloudy or milky look. Luckily, this issue can be easily fixed: Simply rinse out or replace your filters.

5. Smelly water

Are you dealing with smelly water? It is important to pay attention to this.

It could suggest that your sanitizer or chemical cleaner is not being used properly or are not at the right level. On the other hand, it could show that an outside contaminant is getting into your hot tub water. This can be a serious health concern. Given this, if you notice a disturbing smell, we recommend calling in a professional pool company and staying out of your hot tub until the company can give you the all-clear.

As you can tell, many hot tub water issues are tied to improperly balanced chemicals. That is why one of the best things you can do for your hot tub is learning how to keep water chemicals balanced.