With holiday gatherings in BC limited to just our immediate households this year, the holidays are certainly going to look a little different – so finding creative ways to celebrate will be crucial. Our suggestion? Throw a unique Christmas hot tub party for your family with all of the holiday fixings! 

Here’s what you will need…


Checklist for throwing the perfect Christmas hot tub party


Clean your tub

First and foremost, give your hot tub and the surrounding area a good deep clean before the party. Clean your filter, test and balance your water, and perhaps give it a shock if you have not done so in a while.

Clear any snow blocking the route to your tub and put down some salt to melt any ice too. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


Turn on the patio heaters

This will keep everyone warm on the way to the hot tub and extra warm while they soak! 


Decorate it

Think fairy lights, tinsel (just keep it out of the hot tub), hanging snowflakes and garlands. If your hot tub has colour-changing lights that you can set to red or green (or even both) that would be perfect. Decor and lighting will really help to set the Christmas mood. 


Put on some Christmas music 

Some hot tubs have built-in speakers but if yours does not, bring your portable speakers outside. If you don’t already have portable speakers, they make a great family Christmas gift!

Blast all of your favourite holiday tunes and have a hot tub sing-a-long.


Serve festive food & drinks 

Some great food and drink options to have on hand include:

  • Turkey sliders
  • Hot non-alcoholic cider or mulled apple juice
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Cinnamon infused water
  • Spiced nuts
  • Hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows)

Just remember to keep food and drinks out of the tub as much as possible and avoid bringing glass anywhere near the tub.


Bring out some festive hats 

On cold winter nights, you can lose a lot of heat through your head so why not grab everyone a festive-themed hat? You could even hold a competition to see which family member can come up with the best festive headgear! 


Get everyone a new Christmas hot tub outfit (robe and/or slippers!)

Before the soak, hand out some hot tub themed gifts, such as new bathing suits, Christmas bathrobes, or fuzzy hot tub slippers. This will get everyone really excited for the night ahead. 


Keep the alcohol for the adults until afterwards

While it may be tempting to add a splash of Bailey’s to your hot chocolate or make a separate batch of mulled wine for the adults, don’t consume any alcohol until after your soak. Alcohol and hot tubs can lead to dizziness, dehydration and heat exhaustion, which would certainly put a damper on your Christmas hot tub party.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at Trasolini Pools!