As the winter months creep nearer, the time has come to think about closing down your swimming pool.

It is very important that you keep your chemicals balanced and the pool clean during the winter months to avoid stains and costly repairs later.

In order to avoid dealing with unnecessary pool renovations come spring, Trasolini Pools created this checklist of what you will need to do before winter sets in.

Clean your pool and pool cover

Before you even get started on the winterization process, you should do a deep clean of your pool and your winter pool cover. Any debris left in your pool during the winter can cause staining on the pool surface.

Also remove any pool equipment such as ladders, slides, rails, etc.

Make sure that your water chemistry is balanced

You should ensure the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness of the pool water are all balanced. This is done to protect the surface of your pool from staining and etching. Ensure that you safely store your pool chemicals over the winter.

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Apply winterizing chemicals to your pool

You can purchase a winterizing chemical kit at your local pool supply store to help keep your water blue and clear for next summer. Make sure to follow all of the instructions that accompany this kit.

Lower the water below the mouth of your skimmer

The skimmer can be easily damaged if water freezes there. To prevent this, drain the water to below the mouth of your skimmer.

Keep in mind that damage caused by freezing because of improper water levels is not covered by any warranty.

Blow out the water from your plumbing lines

You can do this using a shop vac, simply by using the discharge setting to blow the water out of each line from the filter system. As you purge each water line, you’ll need to put a plug in the lines at the pool end. Make sure that you use a plug with a rubber gasket to make a tight seal.

Seal up the skimmer line

Use a Gizzmo to seal the skimmer line. A Gizzmo is a hollow tube which will collapse if water should enter skimmer and freeze. Make sure to use Teflon tape on the threads of the Gizzmo to seal it until spring (it can then be easily removed).

winterizing your pool checklist, pool company vancouver

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Cover your pool

Covering your pool will keep debris out and your family safe while the pool is not in use. There are many types of pool covers; however Trasolini Pools only recommends one brand for its superior safety, durability and overall quality. 

Drain all of the water from your filter equipment, pump and feeder

This is the final step of the winterization process.

  • To drain the filter equipment, remove the plug from the filter and allow it to completely drain.
  • For the pump, remove the plugs and drain it completely.
  • Ensure that you drain all of the chemicals from the feeder. If chemicals sit in your feeder over the winter it can cause serious damage to your equipment.

Important tips for winterizing your inground swimming pool:

  • Do not use a floater that has bromine or chlorine as this will cause it to stain the surface of your pool.
  • Do not use bromine of chlorine tablets as it will damage the bottom surface of your pool.
  • Once the pump has been drained, do not run it for more than one second, because you can very easily burn out the seal.
  • Plugs should not be placed back on equipment, as it can prevent drainage.
  • Do not put any floating devices into the pool during freezing weather. They could damage the interior of the pool.

Main photo credit: Alpine Lodge