Are you ready to open your pool for the summer season? If so, that’s wonderful news! But before opening your swimming pool, you must do a little spring cleaning to prepare for the season. 

Follow this simple checklist for opening your swimming pool to ensure you don’t forget any steps that could consequently cause damage to your pool. 


Follow these 8 easy steps to prepare for opening your swimming pool


1. Remove any debris and excess water from your pool cover

Before you can get to your pool, you have to remove your pool cover. To ensure no excess debris or dirt falls into your pool, start by cleaning the pool cover. For detailed instructions on how to clean your pool cover, read this guide. 

2. Inspect the pool for damag

Before you start any cleaning or pool preparation. Inspect the pool to ensure there is no damage. You will find a detailed guide on how to inspect your pool here. If there is damage, contact a reputable pool repair company.

3. Remove all winter plugs

Take a lap around the pool and remove any winter plugs and skimmer guards that may be currently fitted. 

4. Clean the pool 

Use a net to skim the pool surface to remove any leaves or floating debris. Scrub the walls and stairs of your pool with a brush. Empty the skimming baskets of any dirt, and then finish by vacuuming your pool floor. 

5. Reinstall all pool accessories

Reinstall all your essential pool accessories such as rails, slide, ladder and diving board. To prevent your bolts from getting rusty, remember to use a lubricant. 

6. Check the water level

Even if you winterized your pool, chances are a little water has evaporated. Make sure your water line is exactly mid skimmer level. 

7. Prepare your pump, filter, and pool heater

It’s nearly time to get your pool water flowing – but first, you must reattach all pump and filter pipes into their respective fittings. Whilst refitting, inspect the condition of the sand, cartridge or DE elements. Clean or replace them if needed. Check to ensure your pool heater is receiving power.

8. Balance the water and shock the pool

Whilst your pool has been out of use, it may have been exposed to certain contaminants. Use your water testing kit to ensure your pool balance is correct. If it’s off. then you may need to make some adjustments. Refer to page 14 of your owner’s manual for more information on water balance and how to adjust accordingly. Then make sure you test every few days after you first open your pool until the balance has stabilized. 

Finally, you get to enjoy your swimming pool and the Vancouver summer sun!