In years past pool covers were relegated to the accessory realm. In recent years, owners have come to realize the important role that covers play in protecting both their pools and their loved ones.

The advantages of putting a pool cover on your Vancouver pool

The first clear advantage of a pool cover is that it keeps your water clean.

This is especially important for your Vancouver pool as the rainy climate can lead to dirt and debris washing into the uncovered water.

A pool cover can save you time.

By keeping the water clean, a cover prevents you from having to spend time skimming your Vancouver pool. A pool cover also ensures that the water is ready for you whenever you wish to go swimming. Just retract the cover and slip right in.

A pool cover helps to regulate temperature.

By using a pool cover, not only will your pool’s water be clean it will also be at an ideal temperature. A good pool cover will provide the necessary insulation that your pool needs when it is not in use. The added bonus of this insulation is that it reduces the pool owner’s energy costs and their pool’s environmental footprint.    

The most important reason to have a pool cover on your Vancouver pool, however, is to protect your loved ones.

Open waters can be dangerous, especially if they are not enclosed. A hard pool cover helps to ensure that your loved ones do not fall into the waters of your Vancouver pool. This is especially important for pools with children nearby.   

If you have any concerns about pool safety, make sure to review this list of lifeguarding tips that we have put together to help protect you and your loved ones.