Building a pool house can be a great idea. You can have an easy place to shower, change, or grab a snack. Not to mention that a pool house can double as a guest home. Before building a pool house in your Vancouver backyard, make sure you ask yourself the following questions… 

Seven questions to answer before building a pool house 


1. What is the purpose of your pool house? 

Before building anything, you want to make sure you have a sense of direction in place. The best way to get that is to think about the goal of the build. In this case, ask yourself what your plan is for your pool house. 

  • Do you want to host parties in it? 
  • Will you mainly use it to shower and change in? 
  • Do you want to store pool accessories in it? 
  • Will you use it as a guest house? 

Your answers will help you know what you need. Communicate those answers to your contractor to ensure you are building a pool house that will meet your needs. 

2. Do you want a prefabricated pool house? 

A prefabricated pool house is already built and is just put onto your property. If you want a small, simple pool house, this could be the ideal choice for you. Looking more for a guest house and entertainment centre? Opt to have your pool house built from scratch.

3. What contractor is right for you? 

Looking to build a custom pool house, then you will need to hire a contractor. Getting your contractor in place early on is important, but you also need to get the right contractor. Check that any contractor you are considering is a professional with experience building pool houses. This will help prevent issues down the road.

4. Where do you want your pool house? 

The next thing to consider is the location of your pool house. Identify one or two spots that are close to your pool. Once you have those spaces in mind, talk to your contractor about your picks to ensure they are appropriate. 

5. What do you want your pool house built out of? 

The building material you use for your custom pool house will have an impact on its durability, as well as the way it shows its wear. Building material can also change how large the pool house can be, the amount of heat it holds, and more. Given all this, it is necessary to pick the right material for your design. The best way to do this is by consulting with your contractor. 

6. What building codes do you need to follow?

Before breaking ground on any structure, you need to make sure that you are following the building codes in your area. Your contractor should know the codes that apply to your pool house. If you have any concerns about your contractor’s knowledge in this area, this is a huge red flag. 

7. What permits do you need?

Again, before you break ground, you need to have all of the proper permits in place. If you do not, you can be fined, your build can be halted, or you can even be forced to tear your pool house down. Have a contractor who is not worried about getting the proper permits in place? It is time to get a new team! 

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