While many pool owners enjoy being able to swim anytime they want, they may not love what the water can do to their bathing suits. You do not have to accept your bathing suit woes though. Instead, you can follow these tips and tricks to guarantee that your bathing suits last as long as possible.

How to choose the right bathing suit for you

There are two main types of bathing suit material: nylon blends and polyester blends. The material that is best for you depends on how you are planning to use your suit. Let us do a side-by-side comparison:


Nylon blends

  • More comfortable  
  • Cheaper
  • Less durable
  • Often not UV resistant
  • Not chlorine resistant
  • Most common material for fashion bathing suits


Polyester blends

  • Less stretchy
  • Tighter feel
  • More expensive
  • Highly durable
  • Less wear
  • UV resistant
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Most common material for competition bathing suits


In the end, the breakdown we would suggest is this…


If you are looking for a comfortable, less expensive bathing suit intended for splashing around in the pool from time to time, your best bet is a nylon blend.


If you plan on swimming daily, especially for exercise, and you are willing to make a bit more of an investment, go for a polyester blend.


As far as cuts and embellishments are concerned, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your bathing suit. If you are planning to train or exercise in the suit, make sure you have a full range of movement. If you are looking for more of a fashion suit, focus on whether you feel your best in your choice. There are plenty of bathing suit options for men and women of all ages, sizes, and shapes, so there is no reason to wear a suit that you do not feel good in.

Caring for your bathing suit

No matter what bathing suit you choose, it is important to care for it. Follow these quick and easy steps to keep your bathing suit looking fresh all year-long.

1. Treat any stains

While you are wearing your bathing suit, it can be easy to stain it with sunscreen, pop, or other poolside staples. If you notice a stain, make sure to take care of it as soon as possible. Not sure how to get the stain out? Follow this guide.

2. Hand wash

Never put your bathing suit in the washing machine. Instead, opt to hand wash it with gentle baby soap or bathing suit cleaner.

3. Flat-dry

Another no-no is wringing out your bathing suit. Instead, place it between two towels and press down to absorb water. Then take the top towel off and leave your bathing suit to dry flat.

4. Rotate suits  

Nylon blend bathing suits can easily stretch out. Due to this, we suggest not wearing your nylon blend suits in back-to-back days. Instead, have a few bathing suits that you rotate through, giving each suit a break between uses.


Now that you know what kind of bathing suit to buy and how to care for it, you are ready to get in the water. Get started with these pool fitness exercises!