Adding features is the perfect way to make your Vancouver swimming pool unique. One of our favourite features is the waterfall. Here are some things to consider if you are looking at adding a waterfall to your swimming pool design.

Why you should add a waterfall to your Vancouver swimming pool


There are a lot of reasons to add a waterfall to your swimming pool. Here are just a few of the reasons we hear from homeowners.

1. Unique style

Waterfalls can be a stylish feature that allows you to set the atmosphere of your Vancouver swimming pool. Best of all, you can get creative with waterfalls! All you have to do is think about your dream pool and then consider how a waterfall can help you elevate it.

2. Soothing sounds

Running water is very soothing. Many homeowners want to incorporate that sound into their backyard’s design. A waterfall allows you that relaxation anytime – day or night. In addition, standing under the waterfall can be particularly relaxing.


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3. Fun for the whole family

A waterfall can be a fun feature for kids and adults! Waterfalls can also be a great way to bond and to keep your little ones engaged when playing in the water. You will be surprised at the quality time that one waterfall can help create!

4. Revitalization

If you are feeling bored with your pool or just want to spruce it up, a waterfall is a simple way to do that. Adding a waterfall can easily change the entire look and feel of your swimming pool.

Design considerations when adding a waterfall to your Vancouver pool


When you are planning to add a waterfall to your swimming pool, there are a few decisions to be made.

1. Design

What type of waterfall do you want? What atmosphere do you want to create? For example, you can use a waterfall to create a natural paradise, a family fun zone or a chic, modern feel. No matter what vibe you are looking for, a waterfall can help you achieve it!  

2. Lights

Lighting is a key part of highlighting your waterfall, especially if you have opted for a more modern design. When you are planning your lighting elements, consider what you want from your waterfall. If you are going for a natural feel, you may not need lighting at all. Want a fun waterfall for your children to play in? Consider adding colour changing lights! A more modern waterfall look can be complemented by chic, dramatic lighting.


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3. Sound

Do you want your waterfall to have more of a rushing water sound? Do you want to hear water hitting rocks? You can choose a waterfall – and add other architecture elements – to create the right soundscape for your Vancouver swimming pool.

Want a unique water feature for your Vancouver swimming pool? Here are some features to help inspire your creativity!