Incorporating a pool into your backyard can be tricky so it is important to hire a reputable company when installing a new pool. Here are 8 questions to consider when hiring a contractor to build your pool:

1. Will the pool contractor send you references?

One of the easiest ways to understand how your specific pool contracting company works is through their past clients. Understanding their past experiences with the contractor will help you learn if they will work well with you. Some questions to consider while going through references: 


∙Do they have a good relationship with their past client? 

∙Were there any hiccups during the process?

∙Was there any miscommunication, was the problem resolved quickly and did they take responsibility for their actions?


These are all important things to look for while reviewing reference letters or having a conversation with past clients. 

2. Is the pool contracting company insured and licensed?


One of the first things to ask your pool contractor is if they are insured and licensed. If anything goes wrong in the process, it is beneficial to know that you and your home will be protected, and there will be a smooth recovery

Is your contractor is able and willing to show proof that they are insured and licensed? If not, this is a great reason to move on to a different company that can provide you with that information. 

3. How long will it take to build the pool?

Timelines are necessary in any project, but especially when it comes to adding something new to your home, because your home life will be somewhat disrupted during the construction process


With custom-built pools, it is useful to understand how long your contractor needs, and what their contingency plan is if certain parts are not available on time.


Once you have these answers, ask yourself if the specific timeline provided works for you and your family.. 

4. Can the pool builder accommodate your budget?

Always provide a budget to your swimming pool contractor. If they try to persuade you into adding something that is out of your budget, take that as a red flag and move on to the next company. 


Pool contractors should be aware of your budget when planning your pool, and should always keep your budget in mind. Make sure you find someone that meets your needs and can accommodate to help you find a  pool that works with your budget. 

5. Will the pool contractor incorporate everything asked for in a written contract?

Building a custom pool in your backyard is a business deal. A contract is very important to protect all parties.


A typical pool-building contract might include: 

∙Cost of the entire project 

∙Added cost if anything unexpected were to happen during the building process

∙How they will complete the project without major damage to property 

∙Timeline of the building process

∙Insurance and permits 

∙Payment schedule 


Read the contract thoroughly to make sure everything that is verbally communicated is written correctly. 

6. Does the pool building company have a portfolio they can show you?

Always ask for a portfolio! Portfolios will provide you with knowledge of what to expect for your pool, and if the contractor’s style works for you.


Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking at a pool contractor’s portfolio: 

∙Did you see anything in the portfolio that you like? 

∙Was their work exceptional? 

∙Do they have a lot of work they can show you or are they new to the business? 

∙Would you like to see that pool in your yard?

 These are all great indicators for if you would like to hire them as your custom pool contractor. 

7. Does the pool contractor listen to you and will they integrate your ideas? 

Will your contractor take the time to have a thorough conversation with you? Notice if your contractor is able to listen to you and build off of your ideas rather than scrapping them or not even acknowledging them.


You are a part of the process and should be able to provide ideas and have them used in your pool, as long as they are feasible. This is your project and if your contractor dismisses you or your ideas, ignores you or takes over you, that is your signal to thank them for their time and start looking for a different contractor.


Your pool contractor should be able to provide good reasoning if they do not believe your ideas will work for the pool they are building for you – whether it be because of budget constraints, size issues, timeline considerations or feasibility.

Once you have gone through all the steps with your Vancouver swimming pool contractor, the last thing you want to do is ask for a quote, so you can know the general price of everything talked about and if it works for you. If they can incorporate everything asked for within your budget, that is a good indication that you are in a good place to go ahead with your dream pool! 

If you are considering adding a custom pool to your property, please contact us today!