With snow heading towards Vancouver, it’s time to start thinking about winter safety for your home’s outdoor spaces.

Outdoor hot tubs are the perfect place to unwind and warm up after a long winter’s day, but before you dash out to your tub, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Personal outdoor hot tub safety tips

1. Keep a close eye on children and seniors while they use the hot tub, especially during the colder months.

Children and seniors are more likely to slip and fall on their way to and from the tub so make sure that someone is assisting them at all times.

2. Mixing alcohol and hot tubs is especially dangerous during the winter months as it can make you feel deceptively warm.

When you step out of a hot tub after partaking in an alcoholic beverage you lose the heat from your body at a much quicker rate, which can be dangerous. Alcohol can also lead to more injuries from slips and falls as your coordination is affected.

3. Ensure that you have a clear path to and from your hot tub.

Before getting in, shovel and salt the pathway to prevent slips and falls. You could also place some anti-slip tiles down on the walkway.

4. Consider what footwear you will be wearing out to the hot tub.

You will want to wear something that is both warm and slip-proof.

5. Your body temperature will start to drop as soon as you exit the hot tub, so it is a good idea to have a nice warm robe or heated towel to wrap around yourself.

Keep your towel or robe wrapped around a hot water bottle while you soak or invest in an outdoor towel warmer.

6. Invest in an outdoor heater.

Not only will it keep the area around your hot tub warmer it will also help to melt any ice that you may have missed.

7. Keep your time in the hot tub to 20 minutes or less.

It can be tempting to spend longer in the tub when it’s cold outside, but the longer you soak the more you risk heat-related symptoms, such as light-headedness, heat stroke, fainting and drowsiness.

For more year-round outdoor hot tub safety tips check out this blog post.

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