Summer is just around the corner, which means hot days and heat waves. Pools are great for the hot weather, unless your pool gets too hot. There are many ways to combat this –here are 6 ways to keep your pool cool for the summer. 

1. Add ice to your pool 

This would be one of the fastest ways for an automatic cooldown, but – depending on the size of your pool – it may take an excessive amount of ice to notice a difference. 


Of course, adding ice would be a temporary solution especially in a heat wave as the beaming sun might melt the ice quite quickly. One way to do this is by keeping a cooler full of ice on the side to grab the ice from. 


Adding ice to your pool is just like adding extra water to your pool, so remember to check the pool chemical levels to ensure the ice did not throw things out of balance.

2. Add shady spots 

Adding shady spots to the pool area is a great way to stay cool. Shading your pool will help prevent the absorption of the harmful UV rays, and will help protect your pool from becoming extremely hot.


Shade structures such as umbrellas, enclosures, or planting trees near the pool deck will help keep you cool. Here are 7 other ways to shade your inground pool for the summer. 


3. Install a pool chiller or heat pump 

A simple way to keep your pool cool is to install a pool chiller. Modern pool chillers have a system that uses fans to keep the pool at a colder temperature. Pool chillers can drop the pool temperature by at least 10 degrees overnight, depending on the size of your pool.


A reversibleheat pump is another great option to cool down your pool. Heat pumps for pools will either heat or cool a pool with just the flip of a switch.  This solution can be more costly than a pool chiller on its own, as it does take a considerable amount of energy to reverse the heat using a heat pump. 

4. Install a waterfall or water fountain to sit under

Pool fountains and waterfalls are great for increasing air exposure of the water, which creates an automatic cooling system for your pool. Water features are also a good way to add a nice aesthetic to the pool area, and are a lot more effective for cooling as the water coming from the fountain or waterfall is fresh, keeping you cool by sitting near or under it. 


Here are some great water feature options to help find something that works for you. 


5. Use a white pool cover

Pool covers are beneficial in a number of ways, like keeping debris and wildlife out of your pool. They are aslo great for keeping the temperature consistent overnight. A great thing about a white or reflective pool cover is that these pool covers are more likely to keep the pool temperature stable, preventing the sun from heating up your pool. 


6. Use a pool mister

An alternative to a waterfall or water fountain is a pool mister. This is an easy and cost-effective way to cool yourself in the pool, and it is a great feature for the kids to play with. Consistent mist causes faster evaporation resulting in a cooler pool temperature.


Pro tip: run the pool mister at night. This adds a consistent and more productive way to cool your pool as it creates an evaporative cooling curtain which is great for fighting the heatwave.