Energy efficiency for your pool is not only the right thing to do for our delicate environment here in BC, it can also lower your energy bills and can help extend the life of your pool equipment.

A few easy changes to the materials you use in your pool can make a significant impact on your pool’s energy efficiency.

Whether you are designing a new residential outdoor pool, or want to upgrade your current pool’s energy use, below are six simple tips that make a big difference.

1. Energy Star pumps

Energy Star variable speed pumps use only as much energy as needed to clean and filter your pool. Instead of running at full force 24/7, when the pump is filtering, it will use only half the energy of most non-Energy Star models. The added bonus is significant savings on your energy bills each pool season.

2. Install a hard pool cover

Much like the the insulated covers for a hot tub, hard pool covers are designed to retain heat. Keeping your hard pool cover on when the pool is not in use keeps your pool clean, controls the temperature, and increases safety – if someone falls onto a hard pool cover, it is easy to get out of the pool, as opposed to soft covers which collapse and can act like a trap.

3. Use LED lights

Switching to LED lights can make your pool up to 80% more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs also last three times as long, saving you time and reducing the need for maintenance.

4. Opt for a dark finish

When designing your pool in Vancouver, opt for darker coloured tiles or liner to maximize heat absorption. With more heat, you can enjoy your pool for longer – and if you use a heater, will reduce your need to run the heater motor, which saves energy.

5. Use large pool filters

Pumps can only take in as much water as the filter allows. When the filter size is increased, the pump has to do less work to pump the same amount of water, saving energy and reducing strain on your pump. This can extend the life of your pump, as well.

6. Choose a pool company that prioritizes energy efficiency and good design

Pools are natural solar energy collectors, converting 75-85% of the sun’s rays into heat. When designing your pool in Vancouver, choose a company that prioritizes energy efficiency and great design. A major factor in good pool design is selecting the right location for your pool. With your pool designer or Vancouver pool company, find a location with some sun exposure to make your pool more energy efficient and enjoyable for your family.