Owning a custom swimming pool means that you are constantly learning new and fun facts about taking care of your pool. Proper care and upkeep is one of the first things you should learn about your pool, and part of that is understanding some things that should never go into your pool. 

These are 6 things you should never put in your swimming pool


 1. Soaps and lotions

Soaps, lotions and perfumes can throw off your pool chemistry. Your pool chemistry is extremely important as it helps balance the water making it safe to swim in. A good chemical balance helps your pool stay clean and also protects the pool from discoloration. 


Always remember to shower before you enter your pool, as this will wash off any unwanted products that might enter your pool.


2. Petroleum-based products 

Petroleum-based products such as vaseline are very bad for your pool. Some pool experts will suggest vaseline in the o-rings in your pool filter, but that is something we advise against,because the petroleum can break down the o-ring overtime. We suggest using a silicon-based product instead.  

We recommend keeping vaseline away from your skin as well, because it is not soluble in water and can form a film on the surface of the pool. 


3. Too much chlorine 

Having the right amount of chlorine in your pool will help protect from bacteria or germs while swimming, but adding too much chlorine can cause skin irritation, asthma symptoms and even allergic reactions. The excess chlorine is not only bad for your body, it is also harmful to your pool. The extra acidity from too much chlorine can wear down the metal piping and pool equipment. 


A pool test kit can help analyze the chemicals in your pool water, making it easy to determine if the chemicals in your pool are balanced. 


4. Electrical devices 

Even though listening to music can be relaxing while enjoying your pool time, it is important to keep your phone and any other electronics out of the pool. The last thing you want is an electrical shock. Keep yourself safe by putting any electrical equipment far away from the water. 


Investing in waterproof electronics – like speakers and LED lights – can make your time in your pool more enjoyable and safer.


5. Food 

It is recommended that you eat around the pool rather than in the pool. The crumbs from the food can clog your pool filter, as well as attract animals and bugs that you do not want near or in your pool. Plus, if you are eating off of breakable dishware, dropping that in the pool could cause damage to your pool liner, the pump system or hurt someone using your pool if they were to step on it.


6. Glassware 

Staying hydrated while enjoying your pool is important, so if you choose to sip on your non-alcoholic beverages while in the pool, make sure to stick tosilicone or acrylic drinking vessels. Glass can break, causing a safety risk for anyone in the pool. Even if you choose to leave the glassware on the pool deck, it could easily get knocked over and break leaving glass shards on the pool deck.  


If you would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages, it’s best to do so away from any pool or hot tub, and consider drinking after your time in the pool is done – alcohol numbs the senses which leads to unsteadiness and an inability to climb or swim making. This, coupled with impaired reaction time can make it hard to get out of trouble. 


Your pool is an investment and your backyard oasis. Keeping other items out of your pool such as natural debris and wildlife will also protect your pool. Check out more benefits of a pool cover here!