We recently posted 7 things that should never go in your swimming pool – but what about your inground hot tub? 

While there are some things you should avoid doing in both your pool and hot tub, such as consuming alcohol and allowing unsupervised children, we want to specifically cover the topic of your inground hot tub. 

5 things to avoid doing in your hot tub


1. Don’t use pool chemicals in your hot tub

Chemicals developed for swimming pools are generally very concentrated and used for 20,000+ gallon bodies of water. They’re also not suitable for use in hot water. It’s essential that you stick to chemicals formulated for hot tub use only! 

2. Don’t put soaps or bubble bath in your hot tub

It might seem appealing for entertainment purposes, but doing this will result in you having to drain your entire hot tub, cleaning the filters and spa shell as well as refilling your entire hot tub with fresh water. Just don’t do it! 

Also, remember to rinse yourself before getting in the hot tub, as soaps, body oils and lotions can build up and clog your filters. 

3. Don’t over sanitize your hot tub water 

Keep it sanitized, but don’t overdo it. High levels of sanitizer can cause damage to your hot tub components and cover. Make sure you follow the recommendations accordingly for your particular sanitizer. 

4. Don’t allow the temperature to go above 104° F

Hot tub temperatures should never exceed 104° F. Manufactures, dealers and global safety commissions all agree on this. 100° F is considered to be the safest temperature for a healthy adult, whilst special caution should be taken for young children. So check your settings before you take a soak. 

5. Don’t keep it running if you can’t maintain it

If you don’t have plans to use your hot tub or you’re going away for more than a few days, then consider winterizing your hot tub. An unmaintained hot tub can quickly resemble a science experiment. The build-up of dirt can be very hard to clean and result in damage to your hot tub.