When you have a custom-built pool, anything is possible. There are a number of creative ways that you can customize pools including shape, size, colours and special features. Take a look at the top 5 swimming pool trends we are loving this year: 

1. Pool Ledges  


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Gone are the days when you needed to head to the beach to relax by the edge of the water. With this top pool trend, you can bring the fun and relaxation of being by the sea into your own backyard.

By adding a pool ledge (sometimes called a tanning ledge), your entire family can enjoy the refreshing water and warmth of the sun. While the kids splash in the shallow water, the adults can lounge on the ledge, soaking in the sun, while keeping cool. 


2. Saltwater Pools 

Saltwater pools are one of the most popular swimming pool trends for those who love swimming in natural water. As a bonus, saltwater also contains minerals that keeps your skin healthy, and the salt adds buoyancy which is a nice perk when spending long days having fun in the pool!

While a saltwater pool is not entirely chemical-free – a salt system uses a process called electrolysis to create chlorine and disinfect the water – it does use fewer chemicals than a traditional pool setup. This makes saltwater pools a great choice for families with children, or for anyone with sensitive skin.


3. Natural Pond Pools 


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Natural pond pools are organically filtered pools that eliminate harmful microorganisms. As a plus, they are also healthier for both your skin and hair because of the lack of chemicals involved. Although it resembles a natural pond, pond pools also contain a UV sterilizer to ensure your water stays clean and sanitary. 

Similar to saltwater pools, pond pools are perfect for those who enjoy natural water. Natural pond pools are the best option for nature lovers to bring the great outdoors into their backyard. 


4. Swimming After Dark 

However you style your pool or backyard, LED lights are always a great addition. When the nights get warm, you will want to jump the pool to keep cool. 

Adding LED lights to your custom Vancouver pool will not only give you better vision, but it will light up your backyard to provide an under-the-stars experience that can make for a romantic dip for two, or a relaxing evening with the whole family to end the day. LED lighting creates a unique ambiance that adds fun fun, provides an escape from the heat and makes the most out of your summer nights. 


5. Pool Colours

When you think of pools, light blue usually comes to mind. However, there are many more choices for colours other than the standard blue. 

You can always opt for colours such as deeper blues, black and shades of grey. These darker colours are better for attracting sunlight and as a plus, they can also help you feel like you are swimming in a natural lake or lagoon. Colours have become common swimming pool trends that anyone can have fun with. 

The possibilities are endless when you have a custom pool built in your backyard. Here are  7 things you need to consider before contacting a pool company in Vancouver

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