Whether you are looking to cool off this summer, or you just love swimming, we recommend a plunge pool for your backyard. A plunge pool is a great solution even if you do not have ample space in your backyard, but you’ve been wanting a pool for your family.


1. The health benefits of cold water therapy 

Plunge pools can be heated, but you may choose to keep yours cold to enjoy the benefits of cold water therapy. Cold water is generally great for the skin and the mind, but there are a few specific factors that make it so special. One health benefit is for your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is made up of vessels that run all throughout the body. It clears out waste, but most importantly, helps the body cleanse itself. This practice will help you stay healthy and will even help ease joint pain.

Cold water therapy is also well known to improve circulation, heart health and reduce inflammation.


2. Fun with the family

A plunge pool is a great space to teach your little ones how to swim. It is also a simple way to supervise your kids in the pool while they are playing with their floaties. Always remember to take the same safety precautions as if you were in a regular pool. 


3. Easier and cheaper to heat and maintain temperature


Plunge pools require less maintenance as they are smaller, and therefore use less heat than a regular pool. There are also fewer repairs and less surface area to clean. If a low maintenance pool interests you, a plunge pool might be the right choice.


4. Luxurious hotel feeling

Having a private pool steps from your home is automatically a wonderful luxury! The sense of total privacy and satisfaction on your property is every homeowner’s dream. Lots of homeowners fantasize bringing luxury from their favourite hotel to their home. 

If you are considering adding a plunge to your property, please contact us today!