Plunge pools have a long history, having been popular as early as ancient Roman times.

But what are they?

Plunge pools look like small pools, used for the purpose of cooling off, wading, or even cold-water therapy. Not sure why you should install a plunge pool? Find out…

Here are 4 benefits of installing a plunge pool

1. Less real estate

As plunge pools are small, they occupy less space than average pools. This means that even if you have a small backyard, you can still have a space to cool off or wade. You can also create a mini-deck with lounging space.

2. Lowered costs and maintenance

With less space, plunge pools are easier to manage – both in terms of costs and time. There is less to clean and fewer repairs to make. Therefore, if you have limited funds or time for tasks such as pool cleaning, a plunge pool may be the right choice for you.

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3. Family space

While a plunge pool may not offer the fitness benefits of a full-size pool, it can be the ideal spot to teach your children to swim, as well as to play games like Marco Polo with them! Just make sure that after installing a plunge pool, you follow all the safety regulations that you would with a full-sized pool.

4. The health benefits of cold-water therapy

Cold-water therapy has a long history in Chinese and alternative medicine. For cold-water therapy, the water in a plunge pool is generally kept between 10ºC and 12ºC. At this temperature, water can stimulate nerves and increase white blood cell count – fighting off disease and stabilizing blood pressure. On top of that, it can alleviate pain and elevate moods. That is why there are so many individuals who now swear by cold-water therapy.

What to consider before installing a plunge pool

Like a regular pool, you will want to ensure you can commit to the costs, maintenance and safety requirements of owning a plunge pool. Our residential pool designers can help you plan the perfect size, shape and location for your plunge pool.

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