Hot tubs can be a great way to relax after a dip in the pool and can be a nice place to bond with your kids. Even though hot tubs are a great addition to the backyard, it is important to know the rules and guidelines for your kids to stay safe in the hot tub.

1. Keep height in mind

Your child should be able to keep their head out of the water while standing at the bottom of the inground hot tub. For safety reasons, kids should sit on the side of the hot tub if they automatically submerge while standing. This protects kids from possible drowning situations.

2. Monitor hot tub chemicals 

Children tend to have more sensitive skin, and therefore are more likely to have possible reactions to hot tub chemicals. Making sure the chemicals are balanced before your child sits in the hot tub is important to keep them safe. Another reason to monitor your hot tub chemicals is because of possible bacteria that live in the water. Testing the chemicals to ensure that it will kill any unwanted bacteria is essential before taking a dip.

3. Keep the area around the hot tub clear of any toys

The area around a hot tub is just as important from a safety perspective. Check if there is anything around it that could cause injury. By keeping the area surrounding the hot tub clear of debris, toys, or anything that can be tripped on, you can keep your kids safe knowing they cannot trip, slip or fall into the hot tub.

The material you surround your hot tub and pool with is also important. Use a material that does not get slippery when wet and instead provides traction or grip for little feet!

4. Double up in the tub 

Kids should always have supervision in the tub. Having an adult who can monitor and guarantee that your child is safely having fun in the hot tub is very important. If a child is alone in the tub, it is more likely that they might accidentally dunk their head, or hurt themselves. Hot tubs are usually better with more people around – regardless of their age.

5. Put your hot tub cover on when not in use

When considering a hot tub cover, make sure it is childproof. Always put on the cover after use and double-check that it is tightly secured before leaving the area. This can prevent curious children from accidentally taking a dip while in your yard.

6. Have a child safety fence 

Just like your hot tub cover, a child safety fence is a good idea to keep kids out of the hot tub area, and toprevent your child from drowning. Talk to your pool contractor about safety features like locking covers and child safety fences.

7. Follow age safety guidelines 

It is important to know that kids under seven should not go in the hot tub even with supervision. The high temperatures of hot tubs can be extremely unsafe for young children, causing a loss of consciousness, heat stroke and even death.

8. Keep at a safe temperature

Most hot tubs are preset to 104 degrees, which is far too hot for children. This high heat can cause your child to lose consciousness. Always turn down the heat to a maximum of 95 degrees farenheight, and test it before allowing your kids to come in with you. They can easily enjoy the hot tub without the high heat. This keeps the tub extra safe for kids.

9. Drink water

Hot tubs cause dehydration, so it is important toalways have a water bottle around for your kids to sip on while in the tub. Since hot tubs can be extra hot for children, the body tends to sweat more causing more immediate dehydration. To help keep your kids extra-hydrated, drink water with your kids, if they see you staying hydrated, they are more likely to want to drink more water. 

10. 5-20 mins at a time

Just like with adults, is essential to limit the amount of time spent in a hot tub and take regular cool down breaks. With kids, try setting atimer to keep them from sitting in the hot tub for too long. Kids should spend no longer than 20 minutes in the hot tub. If they would like to go back in after their 20 minutes is up, suggest drinking water or going in cold water to cool down for a few minutes first. This will help regulate the body temperature. Generally, breaks are important for anyone using a hot tub! 


Now that you are up on your hot tub safety for children, you will be able to have fun while staying safe!

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