It’s summer, and that means pool party season in Vancouver! Having a pool is the perfect excuse for an outdoor party, but even better if it’s your kid’s birthday this summer.

Make the most of the great weather and your backyard pool by throwing the best summer birthday pool party for the kids, with these 10 fun ideas.


Create invitations your guests won’t forget

There are phone calls, then there are regular paper invitations you pop in the mail, and then there are unforgettable pool floaty invitations for your pool party.

Scoop up those cute donut pool floaties and write the invitation on the back (not the side with sprinkles). Drop the invitations off at guests’ homes, along with party favours to bring to the event!

summer birthday pool party invitation ideas

Fun way to send invitations to your pool party guests… Photo credit: Let’s Mingle


donut pool floaty toy, summer birthday pool party invitation ideas

… but use these floaties instead for your invitations, so that guests can keep them and bring them to the pool party.


For the girls… Malibu Barbie or mermaid themed birthday pool party

A party is always better with a theme. For your daughter’s birthday, choose one that she will love! Great examples are a mermaid-themed pool birthday party, or a Malibu Barbie theme.

For a mermaid party, decorate with purple and green. Add pearls to the tables and shells painted in metallic purple.

For a Malibu Barbie party, get out the pink Barbie car from the basement, and decorate in hot pink, blue and silver. Big sunglasses and high ponytails are a must!

mermaid theme summer birthday pool party ideas

Photo credit: U Me and the Kids


malibu barbie themed summer birthday pool party ideas

Photo credit: Five Marigolds


For older older girls… Pineapple themed birthday pool party

Pineapples are trendy, and this peachy pink and green pineapple themed pool party is not only fun, it’s modern enough for older girls and for the adults.

Serve non-alcoholic grapefruit punch and decorate with pineapples and balloons.

peach and pineapple themed summer birthday pool party ideas

Photo credit: Kayla’s Five Things


For the boys… Shark themed birthday pool party

Who doesn’t love/fear sharks! The perfect boy’s birthday pool party theme includes shark fins for kids when they’re in the pool, shark themed treats and shark-inspired pool games. Decorate in blue and grey.

shark themed summer birthday pool party ideas, shark cake

Photo credit: Jenny Cookies


Decorate with beach balls

Nothing screams “pool party” like beach balls! We love this idea to transform beach balls into a welcoming arch for guests! Put it at the gate to your backyard to avoid traffic moving through your house. An arch like this tells guests they’re welcome to enter!

beach ball arch, summer birthday pool party decor ideas

Instructions on how to make it here.


Set up a fun photo booth backdrop

A photo booth is a fun way to bring the kids together and save memories of this party for years. Create a do-it-yourself backdrop depending on your party’s theme and set it up in the shade along the side of the house, so it’s out of the way. Designate a photographer for the day, and don’t forget to put props like balloons, wigs, hats, oversized sunglasses, pool noodles and masks on a table next to the photo booth!


Make fun games that kids will love

We have tons of great ideas for pool games to try with the kids. Another fun addition to a birthday pool party is beach ball bowling! All you will need is a beach ball, a yoga mat, some pool noodles and some empty pop cans. The yoga mat is the perfect bowling lane, and the noodles form the gutters.

beach ball bowling, summer birthday pool party games

Photo credit: Polkadot Chair


Set up a bright dessert and snacks table

Bright colours make your pool party fun and summery! Set up a colourful table for desserts and snacks, and don’t skimp on the decor. Tiny umbrellas, silly straws, colourful plastic cups and cutlery, candies, balloons and bright dessert trays and stands add to the ambiance.

Take your dessert table from day to night with LED fairy lights and glow sticks for after dark.

bright dessert table for birthday pool party

Photo credit: Catch My Party


Make DIY popsicles and drinks ahead of time

Save yourself time on the day of the pool party by planning ahead. Make drinks for the day, and DIY popsicles and other snacks, a day or two beforehand.

Whatever you make for the party, stick to the theme for the day, and use bright colours wherever possible.

summer birthday pool party ideas

Photo credit: The Bubbly Hostess

diy watermelon popsicles

Photo credit: Cooking Classy

Prepare a summertime playlist

Music sets the mood for the day! Create a playlist for the party on a phone or iPod, which can be hooked up to outdoor speakers. Think summertime music! For song ideas, try this list.

From all of us at Trasolini Pools, we wish you a summer full of fun and family. Please remember to enjoy your pool safely.