The weather is warming up which means it is the perfect time to start preparing your pool! 

Here are our top tips for spring pool maintenance:

1. Clean and drain your winter cover or solid safety pool cover

Ensure that you clean off any leaves and dirt before removing the cover. After you make sure your cover is clean, store it in a clean, dry and dark location. 

2. Raise the water level to normal

Water will have naturally evaporated over the late fall and winter months. You can easily refill your pool with a hose.

3. Reattach the drain plugs 

If you had disconnected your drain plugs for the winter, it is now time to reattach them. If you need help with this process, a professional can help. 

4. Clean the pool and deck equipment

During your pool deck clean, make sure to also scrub the ladder steps, hand railings and strainer pot. 

Metal deck equipment should also be cleaned with metal cleaners and metal protectors to avoid damage and prevent rust. 

5. Vacuum

Vacuum your pool to remove any dirt, large particles and debris from the water. 

6. Scrub the pool sides and bottom

After you vacuum and clean out debris, it is time to focus on scrubbing the floors, walls, skimmer baskets and filter. While you are cleaning these parts of your pool, it is also a great opportunity to inspect it for any damage. 

7. Repair any damage

If you find damage on your pool, pool deck or equipment, ensure that you are getting it repaired as soon as possible. If you do not, you can risk further damage and delay the opening of your pool.

8. Clean and repair pool accessories and toys

Similar to the pool itself, any accessories and toys that you plan to use in your pool should have a thorough cleaning and inspection for any damage. That way you can ensure no unsanitary or broken items enter your swimming pool.  

9. Test your pool’s chemistry

It is essential to prioritize the safety of your pool chemicals and also ensure your chemicals are balanced.

Make sure that you purchase all the chemicals, testing kits and supplies that you need. 

10. Remind your family of pool safety

It is critical that you prioritize pool safety in order to have the best pool experience. Some important pool safety guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Keep the alcohol away from the pool
  • Always have an adult supervising children 
  • Have a readily accessible life preserver and first aid kit
  • Keep the deck and surrounding area clean and clear 

By ensuring your spring pool maintenance is up to date, you will be improving your pool experience for the entire warm season. 

If you are considering adding a custom swimming pool to your yard, please contact us today!