When you have a Vancouver hot tub, you do not need to go out for a fancy Valentine’s dinner. Instead, stay in and enjoy a hot tub date! Not sure how to turn up the romance? We have put together a quick guide on how to create the perfect hot tub date!

How to create the ultimate romantic Vancouver hot tub date

1. Clean up!

Nothing kills the mood faster than a dirty hot tub. Before your date comes over or your partner returns home, make sure you do a thorough clean of your spa, seating area, and anywhere else your date will be. Remember to do a pass of your change room, if you have one!

2. Snuggle up

Romance and relaxation mix well. Therefore, we suggest putting out robes and slippers for yourself and your date. Want to impress your date? Buy fancy new lounge sets for you both!

3. Make it moody

The atmosphere is important for a Vancouver hot tub date. Build it with low, warm lighting. Then decorate the area around the spa, adding candles or twinkly lights. You can even get some beautiful floating decorations if you want to add a romantic touch to the water!

4. Set the beat

Turn up some romantic music for your evening. Not sure what music would be best? We are big fans of Barry Manilow and Ed Sheeran. Ultimately, though, pick whatever you and your date enjoy!

5. Go scent-ual

Add an aromatherapy diffuser to build your atmosphere even further. Consider what mood you want to create and choose a scent that matches. For example, if you want a relaxing environment, you might want to go with a lavender scent.  

6. Add some taste

Let us face it, the way to most peoples’ hearts really is through their taste buds. Play to this by serving a few light nibbles like fruit or chocolate covered strawberries. Looking for a cute touch? Consider placing little candy dishes around your seating area, each filled with a different type of Valentine’s Day candy.

7. Get handsy

One of the best ways to flirt is touch. So get extra flirty by giving one another massages. While you are doing the massages, use the relaxing, sensual vibe to have a deep conversation.

8. Pick up an aprés-soak surprise

Once you are done soaking in your Vancouver hot tub, bring out a bottle of bubbly. Just make sure that you do not go back in the water once you have started drinking your champagne as alcohol and hot tubs should never mix.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at Trasolini Pools!