An outdoor hot tub session offers many benefits. It is relaxing. It is good for your health. And it is just plain fun.

Given all this, why would you not want to share your outdoor hot tub with your friends? An elegant and easy way to do this is to host a spa party.

Preparing for an outdoor hot tub spa party

Before hosting a spa party in your outdoor hot tub, a few preparations are necessary.

1. Clean your hot tub

Nothing destroys a relaxing evening faster than a dirty outdoor hot tub. Therefore, before your party, take the time to clean your hot tub. Ensure that any algae are removed and that the water chemicals are balanced.  

2. Pick up the spa treatments

If you want a high-end event, you could always book masseuses and facialists to be in attendance at your party. For a lower key event, however, you can just buy home spa products. We suggest getting facial masks, body oils and a selection of nail polishes. Remember to use these products after guests have finished using the hot tub, as they can be difficult to remove from the water.

3. Plan a menu of light finger foods

Plan your menu ahead of time and shop the day before to keep the actual event stress-free for you. Light finger foods are best. Fresh fruit is also always a good choice. For a touch of luxury, consider picking up a sweet treat like some chocolate truffles.

Hosting an outdoor hot tub spa party

When the day of your event arrives, follow these simple steps to keep everything running smoothly.

1. Turn your outdoor hot tub to the right temperature

One of the most important steps is to make sure your outdoor hot tub is at the right temperature. Set it for somewhere between 102 and 104 degrees. By taking care of this first, the water will heat up and be ready to go by the time your guests arrive.

2. Put up mood lighting

If you have lights in your hot tub, now is a good time to put them on. Away from the water, in the spa area, string up fairy lights or candles. Always remember to follow safety rules, though, and supervise all flame candles.

3. Use hot tub aromatherapy scents

There are now aromatherapy oils designed for your outdoor hot tub. Choose which scent is right for you and add it to your water. This will contribute an additional spa feel to your hot tub.

4. Put on relaxing music

Music is another spa favourite. Pick soothing options, such as Enya. If you are not sure what songs to choose, look for a spa playlist online. There are a number of pre-made choices you can find.  

5. Create a spa area

Set up a spa space on one side of your outdoor hot tub. There, you can set up comfortable places to sit or lie down for treatments. Spread the face masks and scrubs out. Then, add a manicure and pedicure station in one corner.  

6. Prep the food and lay it out

Prepare the food so you will not have to take care of it during the event. For a little extra pop, use elegant plastic serving plates. There are now options that look like crystal – but will not shatter if dropped. Take these serving plates of finger food out and lay them out by the spa area.

7. Mix up some spa water

Spa water may seem luxurious, but it is simple to create at home. All you need is a pitcher, water, and cucumber or fruit. Add the cucumber or fruit to the pitcher, then fill it with water. Let it sit for an hour or two, and you’ll have spa water of your own ready for your event!

8. Enjoy!

Now, you are ready to sit back and have a good time! When your guests are in your outdoor hot tub, you can take turns giving one another shoulder massages. Spending just 15 minutes in the water will help alleviate your stress. Then step out of the water to enjoy the spa products, drinks and nibbles. By the time you wrap up, you will feel like you spent a weekend away!

If you are planning to host events in your outdoor hot tub, it is important to keep it in top condition. In order to do that, follow these maintenance tips.