We understand that, when you own a pool, it can be tempting to drain it yourself. In practice, however, this can be dangerous – both for you and the pool.

As an established Vancouver pool company, we are aware of the many issues that can arise when owners attempt to drain their own pools.

Our Vancouver pool company has been called out to resolve a number of these issues. Here are the four most common…

1. Shrinking liners

As above ground pools are drained, their liners can shrink. Then, when the pools are refilled, the liners are no longer large enough to hold the contents of the pool, so they tear. This problem is also more likely to occur during cold weather.

A professional Vancouver pool company understands how to avoid this issue, and can safely drain your water while maintaining the liners’ size.     

2. Collapsing walls

While shrinking liners are not an issue with below ground pools, they have their own challenges when it comes to draining. For example, older pools may not have been constructed to bear the weight of the ground around them. This means that, when the pool is not drained by a professional Vancouver pool company, the walls of the structure can collapse, creating a dangerous situation that requires costly repairs.  

3. Cracking pools

The water that is drained from pools has to go somewhere. In many cases, when owners drain their own pools, they deposit the water into the surrounding ground. This can increase the hydrostatic force, or water pressure, in the area. That pressure can act on the bottom of the pool and is often powerful enough to crack pools’ bottoms, again leading to expensive repairs.

4. Injured owners

The greatest concern when owners drain their pool instead of hiring a Vancouver pool company to do so is personal injury. Owners do not have the professional understanding or tools to properly complete their own maintenance. Therefore, they often overextend or even injure themselves or their loved ones.

These common issues are why it is best to let a professional Vancouver pool company handle your drainage needs, allowing you to simply enjoy your pool.  

At Trasolini Pools, we bring the professional experience and tools necessary to do the job right – the first time. Beyond that, as a Vancouver pool company, we understand the unique needs created by the local weather and ground. Thus, by letting us take care of your drainage needs, you protect your pool, yourself, and your loved ones.

Get in touch with our professional Vancouver pool company today to book a pool draining.