If you closed your Vancouver swimming pool down for the winter, now is the best time to start planning to re-open it. But how can that be the case? There are still months to go before summer hits! While that is true, there are a number of steps to take to summerize your pool. By taking care of them now, you will be ready to go when the warm weather hits!

What to check before opening your Vancouver swimming pool

1. Pool chemicals

It is important to check on your pool’s chemicals. Make sure that they were properly sealed over the winter months and that nothing has been left unsealed. If the chemicals are no longer useable, pick up replacements now so you do not have to worry later.

2. Safety equipment

Safety is the top priority when it comes to your Vancouver swimming pool. Therefore, before summerizing your pool, it is vital to check all your safety equipment, making sure it is in proper working order. If there are any issues, make sure the safety equipment in question is repaired or replaced now.

3. Pool pipes and equipment

Next, take a look at your pool’s pipes and other equipment. If you find issues, you may need to call in a professional and they may need to order new parts. By sorting this out now, you will have enough time for any repairs to take place without disrupting your enjoyment of your pool during the summer months. As you check the pipes and equipment, double check that everything is also clean.

4. Pool room

Before you open your water, check your pool room to make sure it is clean and there are no chipped tiles or other damage. Again, the reason to check for any damage now is so that there is enough time to make any necessary repairs before the summer months arrive.

Want to do a decor update? Now is the perfect time!

5. Landscaping

Create a list of any landscaping you want to take care of before pool season! Then, as soon as the weather allows for it, start checking things off. That way, your Vancouver swimming pool and its surrounding area will be party ready for the start of pool season!

6. Pool deck

Decks can get chips or cracks. Now is a good time to walk the deck, keeping an eye out for any problem areas. Remember to look for visual issues too, such as discolouration. Since you have the time, you can take care of decorative issues if there are any that bother you.

7. Pool lining

Look for any cuts, leaks, or other damage to your pool lining. Repairs can take some time, so be sure to report issues to your pool company as soon as possible. Again, this will allow all repairs to be taken care of before you are looking to enjoy your pool.

Why it is best to summerize your Vancouver swimming pool right now

Pool companies get very busy in the lead up to the warmer months. This means that if you wait to get your Vancouver swimming pool ready, you may have to wait for repairs, losing you valuable water time! If you take care of all your repairs and issues now though, you will have an easier time getting an appointment with your pool company – and you will not have any stress to deal with when the warm weather hits!

When you are ready to open your Vancouver swimming pool, remember to follow our handy checklist of tasks!