A pool party is the ideal way to enjoy the summer with friends. You can spend hours swimming, chatting, and having fun in the sun. Thinking of throwing a pool party? Here are a few pool party must-haves to create the perfect party atmosphere! 

Nine pool party must-haves


1. Decorations

Think about your pool party. Do you have a theme? Do you have specific activities you want to do? Once you know what type of party you are creating, pick the decorations that would fit best. Consider stringing up some party lights if the party is going to be continuing into the evening!

2. A cooler

You will need a space to keep your drinks cold. The best way to do that is a cooler or an outdoor mini fridge. Want to spice your pool party up? Grab some inflatable drink holders. You can get these in lots of fun shapes these days and you can even find larger ones that double as in-pool coolers. Just make sure you are always following best safety practices, including: 

  • Not having glass bottles in or around the pool
  • Not drinking alcohol while swimming
  • Not drinking alcohol while supervising children swimming 

3. Pool floats 

Fancy pool floats are all the rage right now and they make the perfect Instagram posts. There are plenty of designs and shapes to choose from, so you can even find ones that fit your party theme. Just make sure that you order ahead of time if you want the full range of options available to you.  

4. Games

Games are a great way to keep the pool party fun going! If you do not have a set of games, think about picking up a game of Spikeball or cornhole for some poolside fun. You can also get in pool game options, like an inflatable volleyball set or Spikebuoy. This is the perfect way to encourage your guests to hop in the water. 

5. A snow cone maker

A snow cone maker creates the ultimate treat for those hot summer days. Set it up somewhere close to the pool so your guests can easily get as many cones as they want. You may also want to think of other fun machines, like a Soda Stream or popcorn maker. 

6. Lounge chairs 

Comfy lounge chairs are key to throwing the perfect party. Splurge on some chairs that you would want to sit in for hours, but that can easily be folded up and put away when you are done with them. Have a lot of kids coming? Think about having some chairs sized for them.  

7. Waterproof speakers 

Waterproof speakers are fun for kids and adults. You can even get ones that float in the pool! Create a few playlists in advance to set the mood. Then, when the pool party is in full swing, you can turn the vibe up or mellow things out with just a few taps. 

8. Reusable cups 

Again, glass is not safe poolside. In the past, homeowners have often turned to disposable plastic cups. Instead, choose to be kind to the environment by purchasing reusable cups. You can even get insulated options with leak-proof tops. This will help keep your deck clean. 

9. A fire pit 

A fire pit is relaxing – and the perfect way to keep your pool party going into the wee hours. Plus, you can make the ultimate summer dessert, s’mores, for your guests! What could be better than that? 

Before your pool party, make sure that your water and deck are ready