Concrete pools are considered top-of-the-line options. They are permanent, hardy pools that remain in high demand. While certainly, the pros of owning a concrete Vancouver pool outweigh the cons, there’s still one significant con – you need to stay right on top of regular pool maintenance, and expensive repairs can arise if that maintenance slips.  

The pool maintenance issues that can arise for your concrete Vancouver pool and how to deal with them

All pools require regular maintenance, but some pools are more forgiving than others. For example, fibreglass pools tend to remain cleaner while concrete pools can have issues with bacteria and algae growth. The reason for this is the microscopic pores in concrete pools are large enough for bacteria and algae to multiply inside. The only way to combat this is through regular pool maintenance. Make sure you are consistently cleaning your pool, scrubbing it regularly, as well as having the pool professionally drained and acid washed every few years.

The porous nature of concrete also means it is not waterproof, just water resistant. It is important to keep the tiles on your concrete pool maintained, as they protect the concrete from the water, helping prevent cracks and other costly issues. As part of your regular pool maintenance, repair any cracked coping, and cracked or missing tiles.

Even with regular pool maintenance, you should have your concrete Vancouver pool resurfaced every ten years.     

Chemicals, use, and even regular pool maintenance can lead to the surface of your concrete pool developing systemic flaws over the years. That is why, once a decade, you should have your concrete pool professionally drained and resurfaced.  

After years of watching your concrete Vancouver pool be professionally drained and maintained, you may feel that you could do the work yourself. There are a number of issues that can arise when you try to drain your pool or engage in certain pool maintenance by yourself. To protect your pool, your loved ones, and yourself, make sure to leave draining and professional maintenance to the professionals.