A hot tub experience is a wonderful way to make any night relaxing and enjoyable. Nothing can shatter that serenity more than an accident or health crisis.

That is why we have created a list of dos and don’ts for hot tub safety. Follow these simple tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable hot tub experience every time.

The don’ts of hot tub safety


1. Don’t drink

The warmth of a hot tub can cause your blood vessels to dilate, leading to greater drowsiness and increased alcohol absorption. Similarly, if you take prescription drugs, check with your doctor to ensure that you are able to use a hot tub safely.    

2. Don’t leave children unattended

Whenever children are using a hot tub, they need to be accompanied by an adult. When not using your hot tub, consider using a hardcover to ensure your children are not able to access the water.

3. Don’t turn the heat above the recommended range

Staying within the recommended temperature range – generally below one hundred and four degrees – is a key aspect of hot tub safety. Once you go above that, you place additional strain on your cardiovascular system, potentially leading to a heart attack or other health issues. If you already have cardiovascular concerns, check with a doctor if it is safe for you to use a hot tub and, if so, what the maximum temperature should be.

4. Don’t use an outdoor hot tub in a storm

Most people know that they shouldn’t use a pool in a storm, but a hot tub can be equally dangerous. Water conducts electricity; so, as with a pool, should lightning strike the area, you can be electrocuted if you’re still in the water. The best rule for hot tub safety is to stay out if there is any lightning in the sky.

The dos of hot tub safety


1. Do ensure your hot tub has a compliant drain

There have been issues with people getting hair, bathing suits, or jewellery caught in drains, hurting or even drowning them. Avoid this risk by using an anti-entanglement drain. This cover will protect you and your loved ones, allowing you to use your hot tub safely and worry-free.

2. Do use with family and friends

Like pools, you should not use hot tubs alone. That makes a hot tub session the ideal excuse to spend some quality time with family or friends.

3. Do relax and have fun!

Hot tubs help to lower stress and promote health and wellness. They also perfect for creating special memories with your loved ones. So make sure to relax, rest, and enjoy your hot tub experience!

Hot tub safety is important, and will only enhance the hot tub experiences you share with your loved ones. Now that the snow has arrived, make sure you brush up on winter hot tub safety before cuddling up in some warm water.