It is hard to believe that summer is almost over. Fall is on its way, however, and that means it is hot tub time! Before using your hot tub, it is important to get your hot tub ready for fall. 

The 6 steps to get your hot tub ready for fall 


1. Clean it

Before using your hot tub, you need to clean it. Make sure you clean both the inside and outside.
When you are cleaning the outside, simply hose it down with water.
The inside requires a bit more effort.
Start with the plumbing lines. In order to clean them, you will need to do a purge. Do this by removing your filter, then adding cleaner to the hot tub. Allow the cleaner to circulate for a full 24 hours before draining your spa. After that, you are ready to clean your hot tub’s shell. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and some elbow grease. The final part of the cleaning process is a good rinse of the shell. 


2. Fill it 

The next step in getting your hot tub ready for fall is filling it. Do not fill up the shell, though. Instead, put your hose in the filter core area. This way, the water will move through the plumbing lines first, ensuring that your spa motor does not run dry as the water begins to circulate, potentially causing damage. 


3. Check the filter 

Is your filter more than a year old? Then it is time to replace it. Dispose of your old filter and put in a new one. If, however, your filter is under a year old and is still looking alright, you can continue to use it. Just make sure you clean it before placing it back into position. 


4. Check the water temperature 

Once your water is circulating, you want to get it warm. Give it time to get up to at least 32 degrees. This is also a good chance to ensure your heating system is working. If you notice any issues, you will be able to have repairs taken care of as part of getting your hot tub ready for the fall season. 


5. Add chemicals 

After your water temperature is at least 32 degrees, you are ready to add your chemicals. Do that and then wait another 24 hours. Once the period has passed, recheck the chemical levels. If something is off, adjust as required. Having major issues getting your water balanced? You may have a larger issue with your spa that needs to be addressed. 


6. Enjoy it

Your hot tub is ready for fall! Now all you have to do is have a great time in it! 

We know getting your hot tub ready for fall is not the most exciting thing. If you do not properly maintain your spa, though, you can face some serious – and costly – issues. Keeping up with your hot tub’s maintenance is always to your benefit.