Hot tubs are often thought of as relaxing and luxurious, but they can also be chic, fun, and cozy. They can also be easy to manage.

When you are building a custom spa, the look, feel, and ease of your hot tub is only limited by your imagination. While there is quite a range of hot tub features available, we have put together a list of our favourites to help get you started.

Each of our highlighted hot tub features is manufactured by our partner, Pentair and available to help us create your ideal custom spa.

1. Underwater colour-changing lights

Lights are central to creating the look and feel you desire for your custom spa. We suggest you include a colour-changing set of lights as a hot tub feature. These lights put a soothing, sensual mood just the flick of a button away. They also use fifty percent less energy, allowing you to be green, even while projecting the rainbow.

2. IntelliTouch control systems

Another way to reduce energy usage and decrease your spa’s environmental footprint is to add Pentair’s IntelliTouch Control System as one of your hot tub features. Beyond its green applications, IntelliTouch technology allows you to control your hot tub features and temperature all in one place. It also lets you schedule filtrations and manage chlorine levels with the touch of a button.

3. Bioshield UV disinfection sanitizer

For those seeking to lower the chlorine levels in their hot tubs, the Bioshield is an ideal feature. Using Ultraviolet Light to sanitize the water, the Bioshield can reduce a hot tub’s chlorine levels by fifty percent, while killing ninety-nine point nine percent of bacteria. This hot tub feature is especially useful for those with sensitive skin or reactions to high chlorine levels.  

4. iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator

For those who wish to avoid dealing with liquid chlorine, there is the iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator. This hot tub feature just requires salt, simplifying the cleaning process for hot tub owners. The salt also prevents swimsuit bleaching and eye or skin irritation, creating an optimal hot tub experience.  

While all these hot tub features are popular amongst owners, the top feature we install remains jets.

5. Jets

Jets are considered by many owners to be an integral part of the hot tub experience. Generally, when considering your custom spa, you should plan for one jet per foot of hot tub space.

If you are ready to plan your custom spa or want to further explore options for hot tub features, contact our professional hot tub installation team in Vancouver via our website or by giving us a call at 604-255-8551.