The health benefits of Scandinavian spas are undeniable! Have you been to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, for example?

What are Scandinavian spas and how many of the touted health benefits are true? Scandinavian spas are actually a circuit of treatments. The spa begins with a session in a sauna. Once you work up a sweat, you take a cold-water plunge. Then, finally, you have a steam bath. For the best results, this cycle should be completed 2-3 times.

6 health benefits of Scandinavian spas

While there are many health benefits of Scandinavian spas, here are six of the most important.

1. Skin restoration

Scandinavian spas are excellent for the skin. Not only do they clean pores and flush toxins, but they also tighten, restoring electricity. Use the spa every day to keep your skin fresh and flawless.

2. Immune stimulation

The combination of heat and cold-water plunges increases your heart rate and blood pressure while contracting blood vessels. This then sparks white blood cell production, stimulating your immune system.

3. Joint and muscle soothing

Scandinavian spas decrease inflammation in the body. As inflammation is responsible for much joint soreness and pain, Scandinavian spas can help ease these issues. The steam of the heat elements also relaxes muscles.

4. Circulation and metabolism increases

When it comes to circulation and metabolism, Scandinavian spas create similar effects to aerobic workouts. This is not to say that a spa will replace workouts. It does mean, however, that Scandinavian spas can become a key part of overall health and wellness.

5. Relief of degenerative conditions

The health benefits of Scandinavian spas can be highly helpful for individuals suffering from degenerative conditions. All the benefits already addresses can be key to easing the symptoms of degenerative conditions. On top of these, however, Scandinavian spas can also decrease levels of stress and promote sleep. This does not just assist individuals with degenerative conditions, but also those suffering from depression or anxiety.

6. Mood elevation

As Scandinavian spas spark similar results to workouts, it should come as no surprise that they encourage the body to release similar chemicals in the brain. Just like a runner’s high, you can get an endorphin boost from a spa session. This increases happiness and calm.

How to recreate the health benefits of Scandinavian spas at home

With so many health benefits of Scandinavian spas, who would not want one? In order to receive all the benefits, you will need a wood-heated sauna, a cold-water plunge pool, and an outdoor hot tub. The best thing about these three installations is that you can also enjoy each one separately as desired.

Remember that Scandinavian spa treatments are not for everyone. In fact, the treatment can be dangerous for individuals with certain health conditions, including some heart issues. Always consult with your doctor before using a Scandinavian spa.

Ready to enjoy the health benefits of a Scandinavian spa? Contact us to book the installation of your sauna, plunge pool and hot tub. Once these are in place, you will have the setting for the perfect spa day for your friends.