We all know the frustration of giving your loved ones a Christmas gift only to have them forget about it moments later. Luckily, there is one Christmas gift that your family will cherish: a Trasolini pool!

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to announce you are giving your family a Trasolini pool this year.

Why a Trasolini pool is the ideal Christmas gift for your family


1. It has so much to offer

When you give your family a Trasolini pool, you give them three Christmas gifts in one. That is because your Trasolini pool provides you and your loved ones with relaxation, exercise and fun. A Trasolini pool is also a wonderful way to bond with your family all year long!

2. It can be completely customized

A Trasolini pool is customized to your wants and needs. This allows you and your family to create a pool that matches your style and adds to your property’s overall value. If you have children or teens, consider including them in the design process. That way, you will really have a family pool!

3. It gives your family something to look forward to

Winter can be depressing, especially after the holidays. When you are designing a pool though, you have something to look forward to. This will help the winter feel shorter. Then, when you get to the summer, you will be able to unveil your Trasolini pool and enjoy it with your family!

4. Now it the perfect time to start construction

The winter is actually the ideal time to begin planning the design and construction of your Trasolini pool. By starting now, you will have the time to make design decisions without rushing. Then, when you are ready to begin construction, it will not be as disruptive as you are likely not using your backyard as often in the winter months. Finally, doing this work now allows you to enjoy your pool as soon as the warm weather arrives.

A tip if you are giving your family a Trasolini pool as a Christmas gift this year


If you have children – or even if you do not – it can be important for your loved ones to have a Christmas gift they can unwrap. Since that is not possible with a Trasolini pool, you could instead buy a few pool accessories, wrap them, and place them under the tree. This will add to the surprise when you explain that the gifts are for the new family pool and it will get everyone excited about using them!

Know what style you want for your Trasolini pool? After you give your family their Christmas gift, we suggest looking over these pools together for inspiration!